DSC 4813-web"Light In Darkness"

Our people are Excellent - driven to deliver cutting –edge seminars, workshops and advocacy for practical employment practices. We are very sensitive to the complexity and complications arising out of the inherent difficulties in understanding the impacts of various contracts that are used in the employment environment. Some of the contracts, contrary towhat may be written on the contract documents are prone to changing their meanings subject to their application in the practical field leaving either the employer or the employees in circumstances that impact on the productivity, profitability and general business morale.

We acknowledge the great work that is done by the Unions to harmonise the relationships between employers and employees. Great work is being done to advance the principle of good faith within the employment practice.

We undertake researches and consultations with other experts in terms of the questions that we receive from both employers and employees. For instance, it is not clear if the employees know when to hold the unions to account for what they should be doing for the employees. How do employees collectively or individually question the performance of their chosen unions where a formulation of good reasons to believe that the union has let the employees down may be in existence?  Processes and procedures may well be in place but the question is whether or not the employees are well informed of the processes of how to hold the unions to account. We are not claiming material shortfalls but limited understanding of rights in modern times.

Where there are grey lines such as when to hold the unions to account, we thrive to bring clarity to the fore in a manner that balances the presumed imbalances of power. We are putting the information out there for both employees, employers, unions and business to access and participate in the collaborative debates. We accept that the grey areas impact on both the employers and the employees. Our moto as we work through these grey areas is to show:

“Light in Darkness”